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Gratitude (October 7, 2018)

Some families have a custom at Thanksgiving that when they gather around the dinner table, they invite each person to say what they’re grateful for. It’s a way of naming the blessings in our lives and bringing them to mind. It makes thanksgiving more specific.

I want to do something similar today. Instead of “Ask Yme”, today will be “Yme Asks”.

A few weeks ago, a small group of people met to talk about how we’re doing here at Christ Church. This idea came out of that conversation. So, I want to think together with you about our life at Christ Church.

Let’s talk about three questions today.

  1. What do you love about Christ Church?
  2. What are we doing well?
  3. Where could we improve … and how?

I’ve included those questions in your bulletin this morning. If you have some thoughts you’d like to write down, please do so and make sure I get it.

We’ve identified lots to be grateful about in our life together. With you, I believe God has blessed us with much in our life together. I also believe … as we’ve identified together … that we can always be more faithful in how we live out our relationship with God and with each other.

Talking together is a good way to identify all those things.

The interesting thing is that the day after that small group met, our Primate Fred Hiltz initiated a process called “The Heartbeat of the Church”. He is encouraging small groups of 4 or 5 to gather for conversation about the church. His three questions are a little different, but they get at the same thing:

  1. describe a time when our church made your heart glad;
  2. describe a time when our church made your heart ache; and
  3. describe a time when our church gave you hope.

Those are also good questions for our lives as we think about thanksgiving — a time when your heart was glad; a time when your heart ached; a time when you felt hope.

May this thanksgiving be a time of reflection and deep gladness for us all as we remember all the blessings God has given us.

Thanks be to God.

Rev. Dr. Yme Woensdregt

October 7, 2018 (Thanksgiving Sunday)

Matthew 6: 25–33

Joel 2: 21–27

1 Timothy 2: 1–7